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The Midas Legacy: Choosing A Top Rated Wealth Advisory Firm

Every day, millions of people search online for information on how to start a business, earn a decent income, invest in profitable opportunities, manage their portfolio of investments and other topics related to financial freedom. The are many ways to go about getting relying information or guidance on these topics. Wealth management is simply the […]

August 21, 2016, Wealth Advisor
Working in Coworking Spaces vs. Regular Office

  One thing that needs to be understood is that the previous era was fostering isolation and hostility. The workplace for instance often consisted of a lot of backbiting, office politics and an overall divisive environment. Things needed to change badly. The economic downturn of 2008 has changed a lot for people. For one thing, […]

August 18, 2016, Coworking
Lime Crime Continues To Keep Unicorns Colorful

Doe Deere launched her successful cosmetic company, Lime Crime, in 2008. Female entrepreneurs bringing their own lines of cosmetics to market are not unusual. Doe Deere, however, is a horse of a different color…or a unicorn of many colors! The lively hues offered by Lime Crime are not for the faint at heart. Doe has […]

August 11, 2016, Fashion World
EuGenia Shea Is Working For Women’s Equality

A gift from EuGenia Shea makes for a great mother’s day present. The company launched just a few months ago, and Naa-Sakle Akuete is its founder. Pure shea butter is one of the best all-natural moisturizers for the skin, and it’s a wonderful ingredient to add to Mom’s pampering routine. Shea butter is an effective […]

August 9, 2016, Beauty Bloggers
White Shark Media’s Complaint Solutions

White Shark Media, a digital marketing agency, have received many compliments from their customers over the course of the firm’s existence. However, it’s impossible to avoid complaints entirely, and White Shark Media shares some of their common complaints and answers to them. A majority of problems encountered by the firm’s clients involved communication and ease-of-access […]

August 1, 2016, White Shark
The Success of Working In A Modern Shared Office Space

There’s a new trend in the modern workplace, and it’s all about sharing resources and sharing space in co-working offices. This trend is definitely catching on, as many well appointed office suites are opening up in cities that are home to large numbers of startup companies and other workers who are employed on a freelance […]

July 29, 2016, Bright Ideas Business Life
Investor and Philanthropist Malini Saba

Malini Saba is large name in the world of investment and has a stake in financial investments all across the world. This inludes energy, technology, and real estate in countries ranging from the United States to Australia. She has also made quite an impack through her philanthropic endeavors. Saba has turned the profits from her […]

July 27, 2016, Women in Business
Adam Goldenberg Helps Lead the way In Fashion

Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur and businessman. He started his first company, an advertising network of gaming sites when he was 15 years old, called Gamer’s Alliance and sold the company before he graduated from high school. After selling Gamer’s Alliance, he joined a company named Intermix Media, the parent company to My Space and […]

July 23, 2016, Business Life
Doe Deere and the Controversial Doll Photo

  Doe Deere, the founder of makeup and lipstick company, Lime Crime, is a phenom. She possesses a fantasy view of the world, and she actuates this dreamlike realm, full of unicorns, in her cosmetic product line and uses herself as a canvas for this creative personal expression art. She is the embodiment of her […]

Maintaining a Positive Business Reputation

If you are an entrepreneur who owns their own business, you know the great importance of maintaining a good reputation. Though, nowadays it proves to be a harder task. In order to keep a great clientele, you will want to make sure that negativity never affects the business and that you are keeping your customers […]

July 12, 2016, Google It! Online Reputation